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ravenqueen55 ([personal profile] ravenqueen55) wrote2009-10-17 07:36 pm
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Friends only, with a request...

I just wanted to make a public post stating that earlier this month I made my journal Friends Only, and if you want to be added to my friends list, please comment to the post at this link right here. You can also visit that link if you wish to know why I decided to make the change.

And a question to those of you on my friends list -

I've made four posts since upping the privacy options and have only received two comments in total, and they were from the same person.  That's a little odd, so it got me thinking...  Can you all see the posts???  Please don't take that as a solicitation for comments!!! I'm not being all needy!!  LOL!  I'm just curious, because if there's a problem with the posts showing to my friends list, then I'll need to look into it. 

All for now.

[identity profile] hpstrangelove.livejournal.com 2009-10-18 02:01 am (UTC)(link)
Well I can see them - I just haven't been reading LJ much this past week because of work and actually writing on some fics. I'd gotten my inbox down to under 90 pages, and now it's back up to 113, so I'm sure your posts are in there somewhere.

[identity profile] ravenqueen55.livejournal.com 2009-10-18 02:30 am (UTC)(link)
Oh, good. I'm glad they're seeable! I just wanted to double check that the entries were showing, and that I didn't some how fuck things up when I messed with the privacy options.


[identity profile] alaana-fair.livejournal.com 2009-10-18 03:05 am (UTC)(link)
There are certain journals that I track, so I get an email when you post something. (Of course sometimes those get ignored along with the flist, but those are usually the journals I check first.) So I can view it, but I just did a quick run through of my flist and it doesn't show up there.

I've had that problem with some of my filtered posts too. I'm not sure what the deal is. :-(

[identity profile] ravenqueen55.livejournal.com 2009-10-18 10:37 am (UTC)(link)
You know, I thought something was up. I normally get a few comments to each post, and I found it really odd that you were the only one commenting! LOL! Some people can see the posts - [livejournal.com profile] hpstrangelove told me they're viewable for her - but obviously not all. Had I not just made the journal 'Friends Only' I would have thought nothing of it, but the lack of comments coincided with the change in privacy settings. I'll have a look through the setting to see if I fucked something up, and if not I'll have to send an e-mail to LJ.

Thanks for letting me know!

[identity profile] alaana-fair.livejournal.com 2009-10-19 12:56 am (UTC)(link)
Sure thing, hon! :-D