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Fandom of Stars

Let's see, what is it you'd want to know? Well...I'm 37, happily married and madly in love with my husband, completely vegetarian/almost vegan, and I have an honours degree in philosophy. I believe in freedom of choice above all else; I abhor ignorance and have little tolerance for stupidity. I'm quite vain and rather sarcastic, but I happen to think those are lovable characteristics. I have no kids but I do have a cat, and really...that's more than enough for me! Well, I should rephrase that ~ I have no desire to have children, but more pets would be just dandy. I adore animals; I grew up on a farm, so it sort of goes with the territory.

I got into fan fiction years ago via the wonderful world of Harry Potter, and was quite the H/D whore! H/D will always be my fandom true love, even though I don't spend a lot of time in that world anymore.

What else?? I like to read original male/male romance, and have a special place in my heart for the stories of J.L. Langley. Awesomely hot and fun! LOLCats make me laugh, I adore 'Happy Bunny', and I think you can learn most things you need to know in life from reading the genius of Dr. Seuss. I'm sad that Buffy and Angel are no longer on the air. I loved the LOTR movies (ARAGORN & LEGOLAS), and I think 'Queer as Folk' is sheer brilliance. I love 'Criminal Minds' (MORGAN & REID!!!), 'Supernatural' (SAM & DEAN!!!), and 'Smallville' (OMG TOM WELLING!). I am also a little bit in love with the world of 'True Blood'. There's a lot more to me than this list, of course, but this will do for now!

My outlook on life can pretty much be summed up by the words I wrote to one of my nieces, on the occasion of her high school graduation:

Be smart, stay strong, smile often, laugh loudly, welcome love, crush fear, have pride, be curious, keep learning, think outside the box, always respect yourself, never lie to yourself, walk with purpose, speak with assurance, live what you believe.

As for my journal: There will still be some minor fandom musings, but my days as The Rec Ho are over. About two years ago I realized that I was spending more time tending to my online life than to my real life, and that had to change. My absolutely fantastically wonderful husband was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, and it really served to help me refocus on what's most important - me, him, and our life together. He's fully functional, and our lives have only had to alter slightly due to the disease, but still... it was an eye-opener, and I don't for a minute regret shifting my focus from fandom to real life.

I'm here just about every day, but my role has changed. I'm not as active a participant, but I'm still very much a viewer. And, quite honestly, my best friends are here. The people I've met through fandom have added to my life in a way I can't even put words to, and I would feel bereft without them in my life. So I'm here! Just in a different capacity.

So, as I'm no longer reccing, this journal is now a mostly personal journal - albeit with definite slashy undertones! Because of that I have changed it to 'Friends Only' and it will remain as such for the indefinite future. Feel free to friend me, but please, if you're not of age in your country of origin, GO AWAY!!! It's not that I don't like you, it's just that personal or not, this journal will sometimes lean heavily towards NC-17 and you're too young for that! Come back when you're older.

For those of you that are still here - HAPPY SLASHING!!!

And here's my Meez!! For some odd reason my eyes look brown here, even though on my Meez page they're the colour they're supposed to be ~ green. Other than the lack of greenness in my eyeballs ~ and the size of that waist ~ this is actually pretty close!

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